Weight Loss

…and the Journey Begins!

So here I find myself…on the road to weight loss. Eeek!

Although I must say that my journey began many many years back. I’ve always been overweight. As a kid, through high school, and into university.  I’ve never tried to actively lose weight before my late 20s. I always thought hoped it would just come off one day. oh youthful ignorance! I was lucky however, that it didn’t really seem to effect my life. I wasn’t teased in school (at least not to my knowledge!) and I had good friends.  But it bothered me. It always bothered me, and yet I didn’t nothing about it. 

I think a lot of that had to do with being a perfectionist.  I always made sure I would succeed at whatever I took on. I think I never took on weight-loss because I wasn’t convinced I could succeed. I was worried I would fail. Well isn’t that just silly!  So in my late 20s I quietly decided to tackle my weight. To be honest, I was silently scared that if I didn’t take control I could end up well over 300 or 400 pounds. I was genuinely scared.  A friend of mine had started attending Weight Watchers (WW) and was quite successful so I decided to join her. My first try at WW went fantastically well – I lost 52 pounds over 8 months! At 176.6 lbs I was the thinnest I’d every been!

Then I went away to graduate school and had a terrible time of it – new city, new stress, and no friend network led to a weight gain of  a whopping 75 pounds!! Oh my!  That was 2 years ago now. I’ve been carrying around this extra weight for too long. I tried half-heartedly to lose it, but without real commitment. Well, its been too long and I’ve let things go too far. So a couple months ago I decided that I would re-commit to my weight loss. 

I officially began on May 4th, 2010 with a weight of 251.6lbs.  That is the day I walked back into WW and rejoined. Hopefully for the last time.

My journey this time around has been much slower. I’ve been having a hard time with my portions and that’s led to a slower loss. But, as the name of this blog states, weight loss will only happen pound by pound. I’m in no rush. I’d rather get to the finish line than run out of steam and never get there.

So where am I today? Well since May 4th, I’ve lost 6.8 pounds. That may not seem like a lot for 13 weeks, but picture almost 7 bricks of butter…yup…that’s a lot of fat gone.

So how much do I have to go at this point? 99.8 lbs to go. And this time, I will get there. One pound at a time.


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