Sunday Morning Breakfast

So whenever I have a day off I like to take some time making a somewhat decadent breakfast. Now my usual on the run breakfast is a bagel with some sort of spread – sometimes a cinammon bagel with just butter, or jam, or peanut butter or the absolutely delicious nutella (my personal weakness – I have now learned not to buy it because I will eat it all in a very short period of time). 

This morning I had some time and I thought it would be nice to make some eggs. However, I’ve been having a tough time this week staying within my daily points so I didn’t want to go and blow all my points on breakfast. I bought some egg whites last week for some baking and decided that today was the perfect opportunity to make an egg-white omelette.

And I have to say…it was good! I think next time I will whip them up a bit more and maybe add a touch of milk to fluff them more. Today’s breakfast was an egg white omelette for only 30 calories! plus a poppy seed bagel and some beans in tomato sauce. Yum!

It breaksdown to: bagel 4pts, butter 1pt, omelette 1pt, and beans 2pts. 

Filling and decadent breakfast for only 8pts! 

My usual egg breakfast would be a bagel and 2 eggs over easy and beans for a total of 11pts. That’s a saving of 3 points. Small changes are what it’s all about!


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