Weight Loss

Weigh-in x2

So I realized that I forgot to update my weigh-in last week! Oh dear vacation brain.

That brings up a great point – weighing-in on vacation. I actually did it. Planned it and included it in my schedule. I found a meeting nearby to where I was staying and went. I was very proud of myself. I also had a loss of 2.6 lbs which definitely helped keep me motivated!

Well today was weigh-in day once again and the results are….(drumroll!)

I lost 4. 2 pounds! Woohoo!

So far that’s a total of 18.2 lbs lost since I started this journey!!

Here is what 18 pounds of butter looks like:

That marks three straight weeks of losses. I am so very happy. I’ve been exercising more, and eating healthier and I’m feeling great so far. I know this large weight loss per week won’t last. Nor should it. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. I think my current larger weekly weight losses are due to the fact that I’ve recently recommitted to my weight loss. I’ve been weighing my food, checking my portion sizes, chosing better snacks (like raspberries and grapes instead of granola bars), and making better choices like taking the stairs or walking home from work instead of taking the bus.

I will keep an eye on my weight loss to ensure I’m not losing too quickly or depriving myself  of needed energy. But I am hopeful!


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