Weekend Workouts

Now, as a self-employed artist who is usually working on 3 or 4 different contracts at one time I rarely have a traditional schedule or week. I can’t remember the last time I worked Mon-Fri 9-5 and that was it. It just doesn’t jive with my life nor does it make me content. And so this means that I have to get exercise and workouts in at various times whenever I have some free time.

I have tried gym memberships in the past…and…well let’s be honest. They end up being a waste of money for me. Either I lose interest after a month or a contract comes up and I’m not free when the gym is open.  Once I lose interest it is next to impossible for me to get back into it.  However.  I was still determined to increase my activityover the summer.  So I started walking home from work. One of my contracts was actually working 3 days a week at an office. The walk home from this office not only takes 1 hour, but is also up and over a hill. A mountain in fact. I’m in Montreal and my office is downtown on one side of the mountain and home is on the other side. So I started. Let me tell you – it was tough at the beginning! Especially on those days with 90% humidity where temperatures were hitting 40˚C.  I have been now doing this for almost 2 months – walking up and over the mountain 3 days a week.

Mont Royal in the Summer

Well now it feels great! Unless it’s pouring rain, I do the trek and in fact look forward to it!

Here’s a pic (not mine) of the mountain. It’s gorgeous. Makes for a lovely walk.

But that’s my weekdays. I realized this weekend that I didn’t have any specific activity during my weekends. Well wouldn’t you know I wanted to get moving! Now, this may seem like no big deal to a lot of people, but for me this is amazing. I can honestly say I have never WANTED to get moving. I go to the gym or work out out of a sense of obligation, not desire.   This was completely foreign territory for me. I woke up early Saturday morning with a desire to move. Rainy outside, and didn’t feel like paying to go to a gym for a day pass. Then I remembered that I had this workout dvd. Now the dvd must be at least 5 years old. I received one week from a WW meeting for free. It features 35 minutes of aerobic exercise (modern, not 80s-esque at all) that moves from light intensity to medium to high intensity. And I remember LIKING it.  So I dug out from the bottom of the drawer and put it in.  And wouldn’t you know – it was fun and it worked up a sweat. Now, I may have lost 18.2 pounds, but that doesn’t mean I’m up and jumping all over the place (yet!). So I know I have to take it slow as I introduce more intense activity and workouts into my everyday life. Well this dvd did the trick. I did it first thing in the morning and felt great for the rest of the day.

Workout DVD Screen Shot

So I did the unthinkable this morning. I did the work out again! I am so proud of myself. This is completely new to me – the desire to get moving. So I’m going with it and enjoying the ride.


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