Weight Loss


Sometimes Tuesdays seem to sneak up on me and sometimes they seem months away. This has been a particularly hard week for me, lots of emotional ups and downs. I find this makes staying on track a bit more difficult. I don’t think emotional eating is my main problem – I really think that has more to do with portion control.

But it is definitely difficult to turn down cheesecake, Haagen Dazs, and a couple of gin & tonics when a friend comes over to cheer you up. So that said, my weigh-in this week wasn’t as grand as the last few, but that’s okay. I was still down 0.8 lbs! As long as I don’t let myself give in too much to the left over ice cream (yes! there’s left over ice cream!) and stay on track this week I think I’ll have a better loss next week. I’ve already stocked up on healthy nutritious food so I can make some good choices. 

19lbs of Butter!

This wouldn’t be a post without the requisite image of 19 lbs of butter! That’s right – I’m up to 19lbs down since May. Now regardless of my loss this week, THAT feels fantastic.

And I promise if I get to 20lbs down next week – a new picture!

3 thoughts on “Weigh-in

  1. A fun thing to do is find a grocery store that sells pure lard and see what certain poundages of fat actually looks like. I don’t know what region you’re in, but in Los Angeles county there’s a lot of mexican grocery stores that sell it.

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