Weight Loss

A Gain! The Horror!

So, this week was not so great. I weighed-in as I normally do on Tuesdays and was sadly up 1.2lbs. I actually exclaimed out “NO!” Not angrily, but rather incredulously. Now, I didn’t think I had a great loss or anything like that, but thought that perhaps I had stayed the same or maybe up or down 0.2.

I have to say it was a shock to see such a gain. Looking back over the week I did have quite a bit of that left over ice cream, oh and that pizza slice when I was out late over the weekend instead of the apple I had packed in my bag. Lots of little things that added up. Also, we’ve been experiencing extreeeeeme humidity and heat warnings since the weekend. And I know if I’m not drinking enough water I tend to gain.

With the humidity this high, I’m sweating like there’s no tomorrow – so more water this week it is. Also, keeping better track of what’ s going in – choosing fruits and veggies over breads and ice cream. Making better choices and moving more is what I need to focus on this week to get back on track and not let this TEMPORARY gain set me back.

Just a couple months ago, it would have set me back – made me question my resolve and commitment. But not this time. As disappointing as it was seeing a gain. I am not losing sight of my goal of health and fitness. Now, time to go and have a nice tall glass of water!


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