Weight Loss

Weekly Weigh-in

And so Tuesday is once again upon us and that means weigh-in. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m down 2lbs! Woohoo!  Very exciting to have broken out of the 230s and into the 220s. This is extra exciting today because I officially switched to wearing long pants at my WW meetings. All summer, since I’ve started, I’ve been wearing capris which are considerably lighter than long pants. I like to wear more or less the same thing when I weigh-in. That way I have a control and my ups and downs aren’t related to clothing. So perhaps I lost a bit more – maybe .4 or .6 of a pound, but I’ll take the 2lbs. Better than gaining!

As usual here’s my pic to show off my weight loss. Two 10lbs of potatoes and 2 lbs of butter…well, now that just sounds like the beginning of a baked potato smorgasbord!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in

  1. I like your potato bags & sticks of butter MUCH better than the “life-like” 2-pound blob of fat I was once shown at a weight loss program. Nice blog!

    I think we’re at about the same place weight-wise (I was 225 this morning), and I, too, work mostly on a contract basis from home (wacky schedule), so it seems like we’ve got some things in common. I’ll keep checking in to lend some support & get some inspiration.

    Jealous that you are in a place where you can walk – I’m in Texas, so both weather and distance-wise, walking to a job is pretty much never an option.

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Yeah, I like the images too. My ww leader uses them all the time – for 5 pounds it’s a phone book and 40lbs is one of those large water cooler jugs. It helps me visualize the excess weight I’m carrying around much better.

    Yes, we do have a lot in common. I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well!

    I walk everywhere. Montreal is a great city for that, and also filled with hills and parks. It helps being an island – urban sprawl can’t really happen!

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