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Weigh-in and the Trouble with Saying No

Weigh-in day today and happily I was down 1.2lbs! That makes a total of 24 pounds lost so far – only one pound away from having lost 10% of my starting weight. I must admit, I’m already feeling the benefits. I have more energy, my clothes fit better, and I find I’ve been feeling more confident.

But I have also realized that I still have trouble saying no, especially when friends are involved. This was a particularly difficult week foodwise.  Tuesday a night out with an old friend – so we went out for dinner, Wednesday was a fundraiser event – again ate out, Thursday was a long day  – so I ended up getting take out. But Friday was the worst. I thought I had gotten back on track from all the eating out. I worked out, had a big lunch with the anticipation of going to a show that night, but unfortunately a last minute emergency with my friend’s sister ended up the night with a huge chinese take-out dinner. I was able to get back on track the next 3 days – made it to the gym and worked out at home.  But I have realized, especially when I am out with friends, that I have to be more firm. This past week I often ate when I wasn’t hungry or ate more than I wanted just because I was offered it. I marvel at my friends who, when offered food, can decline and stick by their convictions. I still need to work on this. I’ll often feel like I’m being rude or letting someone down if I don’t eat what’s been offered.

Now, although I realize this is something I have to  work on I also find that with my thin friends if they decline something, that’s it,  it’s not offered again – but when I do, I get the “oh come on, just a little, or just a small piece”. It’s really annoying.  As I continue to struggle with this, I’ve also learned the importance of not forcing or trying to cajole people into eating. If I offer something and they say no, then I’ll respect that – I just wish people would do the same for me.


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