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The Polka-Dot Dress

Now, I may be assuming here, but I’m pretty sure no matter your size everyone has an outfit or piece of clothing that they love but think they can’t wear or pull off.  For me it’s the polka-dot dress. I absolutely love retro-styled clothes, but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Most of this has to do with my upper arms.  It’s not just that they are big (I mean they are, but that’s not the reason) it’s that they have a funny crease about half-way down that I am VERY self-conscious about.  It stops me from wearing cute t-shirts because the trend for the last few years on women’s shirts has been short-short sleeves (which by the way, I think look good on very few women – I happen to think it’s an unflattering cut and makes the upper arms look larger than they are).

This also means that I NEVER wear anything sleeveless. NEVER. I don’t own a cute dress with straps or anything like that because I would spend the night distracted by my arms – wondering if everyone can see this weird crease/roll of fat on my upper arm – and I don’t enjoy myself.

And so, I’ve decided that one of my rewards for when I reach my goal weight will be to buy myself a cute, polka-dot dress with a halter-top like this one I found on the website called Scene Dead.

I am also taking steps to make sure my arms are going to be ready. Now I realize, having spent my entire life overweight, that my upper arms will never be small and tight – most likely I will have loose skin. But I can do some things – I focus on working both my biceps and triceps when I work out so that I am toning the muscles which in turn will help with my skin’s appearance when I do lose the weight and I drink lots of water each day to help my skin maintain its elasticity. I think I’m on the right path. But only time will tell.


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