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Measurements: October

Those of you who have been reading my blog may remember that a month ago I decided that I was going to keep track of my measurements on a monthly basis.  This is part of my plan to help me be able to see the weight loss in a different light. You can’t argue with empirical evidence!

So here are my measurements from this morning:

Upper arm: 40.5cm or 15 3/4″ (Lost: 1.5 cm or 3/4)

Bust: 115.5cm or 45 1/4″ (Lost: 1.5cm or 3/4)

Waist: 110.5cm or 43 3/8″ (Lost: 3.5cm or 1 5/8)

Hips: 120.5cm or 47 1/4″ (Lost: 8cm or 3 1/4)

Upper Thigh: 71cm or 28″ (Lost: 2.5cm or 1)

Calf: 50.5cm or 19 5/8″ (Lost: 1cm or 3/8)

Weight: 226.4lbs (Lost: 7.4lbs)

Dress Size: 18*

*I now fit into both my size 18s and my size 16s, though the 18s are getting very loose. I will leave it at 18 for now.

Total lost: 18cm or 7 3/4 inches


4 thoughts on “Measurements: October

    1. Yay indeed!

      Yeah, I started keeping track of my measurements this time because I find it very difficult to see the weight loss in the mirror. Hopefully this will give me a bit of perspective.

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