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Outstanding in October

I think an update on the September challenge I took part in on the Weight Watchers message boards is in order! For the September challenge my goal was to lose 8 pounds over the month and do 800 minutes of activity.

Well I didn’t quite make my weight loss goal. I ended up only losing 7.4 lbs over the month, but I’m still very happy with it and I wasn’t too far off.

But…I blew my activity goal out of the water for a final total of 905 minutes! Woohoo! That is over 15 hours of activity for me! I’m very excited by this. I don’t count daily walking or anything like that in my activity (even if I’ve walked more than usual) – it’s really working out at home to a video, the gym, or my walks up and over the mountain that I include so I am really stoked.

With the new month comes a new challenge. This one is called Outstanding in October. I’ve kept my weight loss goal the same: 8 pounds over the month, but I’ve upped my activity. I’m going to try to get in 1000 minutes! 

These challenges really motivate me, the competitive spirit that I am, however I’m a bit worried for this one already. The month is not off to a great start. I’ve made some poor food choices this weekend (a big pizza night with a friend & a whole bag of pretzels!) and I haven’t been able to get to gym because of a project I’m working on. I have been walking a lot and did get in an exercise video at home both yesterday and today, but I’m worried. I have a feeling I’ve gained this week. Oh dear – well Tuesday isn’t far off. I’ll let you know how it goes…


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