Weight Loss

First October Weigh-in

Hah! I am floored. I was convinced that I had gained this week. I ate pizza (4 slices of a 5-cheese pizza!) and a whole bag of pretzels. I went over my extra weekly points, didn’t drink enough water AND didn’t make it to the gym so my only activity was walking and my WW video at home. However, somehow I managed to lose 0.2 pounds! Now I realize this is a tiny amount, but I’m so relieved that I didn’t gain.

I got back on track today by hitting the gym after work and got in 60 minutes on the elliptical and beat my previous record of number of strides (I got 8414 strides or a distance of 5.01 – but I’m not sure if that’s in km or miles…) and I did 40 minutes of weight-training. I missed the gym last week and let me tell you – I could feel it. I was itching to go back.  This has never happened to me before!

Also, it’s Thanksgiving this coming Monday here in Canada and I’m thrilled at the prospect of upcoming turkey this weekend! But I’m not worried – I know I can not over-eat. My main dinner will be on Sunday with a friend of mine and whenever we make dinner together it usually consists of tons of veggies and some meat. Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to make a duck again…tried last year and it was the toughest meat I’d ever had…so much so that even a steak knife wouldn’t cut through it!


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