It’s Thanksgiving long weekend here and tonight I had a great dinner with a dear friend. No turkey, but rather Cornish hens – lots of veggies and of course, pumpkin pie!

My friend made all the food and I contributed the pumpkin pie. I found the recipe on the Joy of Baking website and decided this was a great occasion to not only make my first every pastry – Pate Brisee – but to also make fresh pumpkin puree. Here are pics of the yummy dinner and my adventures in making my first ever pumpkin pie:

The ingredients


Making the Pate Brisee


The dough! Chilled and ready to roll out.


Roasted pumpking out of the oven.
Peeled pumpkin.
Pumpkin puree. It took a Magic Bullet and a hand blender to get it this smooth.
Filling ingredients. I added some nutmeg to the recipe.
Filling ready to be poured in.
Pie ready for the oven
SUCCESS! My first ever pumpkin pie - entirely from scratch.


The rest of the dinner consisted of: Purple Cauliflower


Sweet Potatoes and Yellow Peppers with a roasted pecan & mustard seed dressing, sprinkled with green onions.


and BBQ'd Cornish Hens!


Yummy! The end of a great night.

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I was born in Canada but I live in the States now but our family use to still celebrate it. That pumpkin pie looked awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! Happy belated Thanksgiving too 🙂 (And early American Thanksgiving!)

      Thanks for stopping by. The pie was in fact very yummy – a great ending to a wonderful dinner.

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