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Gaiam Resistance Cord Workout DVD Update

HAHAHAHA…okay. At least I got through to the end. Barely.

I’ve realized that I’m becoming a bit complacent with my exercising as was unceremoniously proved to me this morning when I tried out a new video. To put this in perspective my body does not catch on fast when it comes to choreography. I need time to see how moves are broken down and time to practice them before my muscle memory takes hold. This results in hilarity (perhaps only to myself) when trying out a new workout video.

Besides needing some practice to get the moves down, let me tell you this video made me sweat! It was a nice workout incorporating yoga stretches as well as resistance. I enjoyed it, and think that once I get the hang of the moves, I’ll enjoy it even more. Here is the cord I bought. (In the picture it says light resistance, but I got the one that is light/medium resistance)

Here is  a screen shot of the video. I am following the old guy on the left. Seriously. Since I’m just beginning I figured that was safest until I am more comfortable with the cord.

But…I still couldn’t finish all the reps! Some of them I found easier to complete than others, but that probably has to do with the muscles I use often. But this is good – I’ve got to get new muscles working!

There are also stretches as part of the cool down. What did I realize during these stretches? That I really need to vacuum my floors. I’ve been putting it off, but nothing motivates you faster than getting your face down into the dust and hair. So I’m off to tidy and clean today.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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