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Diet Coke Be Gone

Somehow along the way I’ve stopped drinking diet coke. I’ll be honest – I don’t know how or when it happened.

Now I never had a huge addiction. I’ve heard of people drinking 3 or more cans a day or upwards of a 2L bottle or even more. I was not like that. I used to drink about one diet coke a day – either a can or 591ml bottle. Sometimes I’d have 2. But what I used to always have was a case at home. I would justify it to myself that it was cheaper to buy a case rather than individually, but really it just resulted in my drinking a lot more. When I was bored I would grab one, when I was hungry I’d grab one. 

And so I have to say that I’m really not sure how I stopped drinking it.  I stopped buying cases because it was just too heavy to carry home, so then I’d buy a 2L bottle.  Then I stopped buying the bottles and would just get a can at lunch…and now I realize it’s probably been at least a month and a half that I haven’t had a diet coke!  When I realized this I bought one and it was completely unsatisfying…and truth be told kind of disgusting.

I think if I had tried to quit drinking pop on purpose I couldn’t have done it, or at least I would have struggled with it for a long time. But here I am. Drinking water instead of pop!  Whodathunkit? Certainly not I.

I’m not saying I’ll never have one again, but I can definitely say that at this moment, at this point in my life I am not drawn to or craving any kind of pop or carbonated drink…well except maybe some tonic water, but only if it comes with a good gin and a wedge of lime!


2 thoughts on “Diet Coke Be Gone

  1. Congratulations on getting it out of your system. I know – I can document b/c of my food logs – that I eat more, and make worse choices, when I drink diet coke. I’ve not been able to give it up completely, but I have limited myself to buying the 100-calories size. (Hilarious that they make a 100-calorie size of a zero-calorie drink … I guess once they make the full-calorie drinks in that size, they might as well make diet cokes, too.)

    1. Thanks so much! 😀

      Congrats to you too on chosing smaller sized servings. Every little bit helps I find. I never logged when I drank diet coke, so I don’t know if my choices were worse, but I definitely know that I never felt great after I drank it – it didn’t fill me up or supress my food cravings like I’d hoped.

      Over September and October I ended up moving on to Crystal Light Green Iced Tea, but for the last week I’ve been making a conscious decision to drink plain water instead and so far so good!

      Every little bit helps!!

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