Weight Loss

Weigh-in: Week 26 – So close, yet so far

Ahhh! So I weighed in today and was down another 1.4lbs. Woohoo! HOWEVER that made me 0.2lbs shy of having lost 30lbs. That’s right, I’m at 29.8lbs lost. I’m thrilled yet slightly frustrated – I kept thinking today, maybe I should have worn a lighter top, maybe I shouldn’t have had that coffee this morning, or the banana. But that’s silly really. I have confidence in myself that I’ll be down 30lbs next week.

I just wish this month had gone better. I was down a total of 4.6lbs which is only a little more than half of my goal of 8lbs. My body seems to have settled on losing weight at a rate of about 1.4lbs a week. I shouldn’t be complaining considering as I am well acquainted with the other option, but a part of me wishes I was losing more – like 2lbs a week.

I know, I know… this is the way to success and my activity WAS higher this month than any other. I’m already up to 1020 activity/exercise minutes and there’s still almost a week to go! I will not stop just because I’ve surpassed my goal, but rather I’d like to see how much I can do so I can set an even higher goal next month.

Here is my photo of the weight I have lost:

I just have to not give in to my impatience. Losing weight too quickly is not good for me. I need time to adjust to my body as it changes – both physically and psychologically.


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