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Measurements: November

Because I was away last weekend I didn’t take my measurements for the beginning of November, so here they are. They’re not too bad, but not great either. October wasn’t a great month for weightloss and apparently not for inches lost either. I aim to do better this month.

Upper arm: 39.5cm or 15 3/8″ (Lost: 1 cm or 3/8“)

Bust: 111.5cm or 43 5/8″ (Lost: 1.5cm or 3/4″)

Waist: 110.5cm or 42 1/8″ (Lost: 4cm or 1 1/4″)

Hips: 121.5cm or 47 5/8″ (Gain: 1cm or 3/8″)*

Upper Thigh: 69.5cm or 27 1/8″ (Lost: 1.5 cm or 7/8″)

Calf: 50.5cm or 19 5/8″ (Stayed the same)

Weight: 219.8lbs (Lost: 6.6lbs)

Dress Size: 16 (Down 2)

Total lost (since September 2010): 25cm or 10 5/8 inches

*I’m not too clear how I’ve gained a cm around my hips – maybe my last measurement was off?

Regardless, my clothes feel better and in fact all my pants are now too big on me 🙂 I’m also fitting into shirts I haven’t worn for a long time – it’s great, like discovering a whole new wardrobe without spending the time and money shopping!


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