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Someone Noticed!

A very quick post tonight – I just wanted to share: SOMEONE NOTICED I’VE LOST WEIGHT!

I’m so excited!! I knew it would take a while for others to notice on my frame, but to be honest I was getting a touch concerned – was it not noticable and all just in my head? I still can’t really see it in the mirror, but I can feel it (like my hip bones are making themselves known, and my clavicles, and my knuckles).

A friend I haven’t seen for a few weeks noticed and commented how I’d lost weight and that I was looking good. Her first question: are you working out? I LOVE it! I also like that she asked if I’d been working out – perhaps I’m also looking more toned?? Eek – as toned as one can look at 218. I wasn’t even wearing anything that would show it off – just regular black pants and a hoodie. Not exactly slimming.

Motivating for sure! Happy Dance!


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