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Weigh-in Week 29

Very excited to report that I am down 2.8lbs this week! This is especially exciting because I thought I was going to gain.  I was feeling very bloated last night before I went to bed and thought  that the water retention would show on the scale, but it doesn’t seem to have. I made a point of having a large glass of water before I went to bed and it seems to have worked. I woke up not feeling bloated at all.

This has been a great week – I felt in control of my eating and bumped my exercise and activity up. We’ve had beautiful weather this past week – each day has been around 9°C (48°F) which makes for perfect autumn afternoons. I’ve been walking more than ever to take advantage of the season.  (side note: I fear this foretells of a horrible winter and Montreal winters are…well…lets just say cold…very, very cold and wet.)

This week I hit the gym as usual on Friday night and increased my intensity on the elliptical by increasing both my resistance and the incline. This resulted in less distance, but a much harder workout. I also upped my weights for a more intense workout. As well, I got in long walks up over the mountain on 5 of the 7 days for a total of 315 minutes of extra walking – that’s over 5 hours!

I hope I can continue this trend of controlled eating and exercise this week. Lots of work to do on my contracts and lots of shows to see.

Here’s a picture of my weight loss to date – 36.2 pounds!


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