Exercise · Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 30: 40lbs lost!

Weighed in today and I was down 3.8lbs! I am amazed. I haven’t really changed what I’ve been doing week to week other than gently increasing my intensity at the gym. October was a slow month for weight loss so I’m thinking that everything I’ve been doing since then is finally catching up with me!

I haven’t had time to blog mid-week this past week as you may have noticed. Been a busy, busy week, but I’ve been meaning to blog about keeping track of my exercise and activity. I really think it’s been an imporant tool in my weight loss this time around and also in how I’m working on re-configurating my thoughts about food, weight loss, and activity. I’ll try to post some time this coming weekend.

40lbs lost means it’s time for a new photo – a demo courtesy of istock. 40lbs is the equivalent of 5 gallons of water or a water cooler jug.  Can you believe it! I’ve been feeling so great lately that I can’t imagine what it would be like to lug around a full water cooler jug with me where ever I go. The difference is amazing. I’ve also lost over 15% of my original weight (which would have been at 37.5lbs).  Changes are happening!


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