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Determined in December

A new month means a new challenge on the WW forums. This month’s challenge is called Determined in December. My goal for the month of December is to lose 8lbs and 1200mins of activity.  I realize this won’t get me to my Mini Goal #2 (to be be under 200lbs by 2011) but that’s okay. I’m going to leave my goal as is and get as close as I can. I have no intention of giving up. Getting under 200lbs is still a short-term goal whether it happens in the next month or in January.

The November challenge has ended and I’m happy to report that I lost 10lbs and did 1510 minutes of activity! Yippee! I surpassed both my weight loss and activity goals 🙂

Since September I have been tracking my activity in spreadsheets. I’ve never done this before, but am finding it a very useful tool.  It helps me keep accurate track of how much I’m moving and pushes me to outdo myself each month. I’ve decided to post my excel sheets for the last three months. My activity totals listed here for September and October are higher than posted on my Challenges page because I was taking a physical theatre course.  I wanted to keep track of this, but I didn’t think the exercise was intense enough to qualify for activity points.

Here they are. You can click on them for a larger view:


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