Weight Loss

Non-Scale Victories

I thought I would talk a bit about some of my non-scale victories as they’re called at weight watchers: victories that aren’t attached to a number on a scale. Here is a list of some of my non-scale victories:

1. Last Monday I wore heels for a whole evening – 6 hours! – and even on public transit. (a lot easier when you weigh 40lbs less!)

2. I no longer get winded walking up a flight of stairs – in fact I can do about 3 flights so far 🙂

3. When confronted with a hill, I no longer try to find a way to avoid it – I just walk up it.

4. I can now do quadricep stretches easily

5. I can fit in and do up size 14 jeans! (Too tight to wear in public, but hopefully soon!)

6. I no longer feel huge around other people. I’m still bigger, but I no longer feel uncomfortably huge.

7. Sitting in theatre seats is a lot more comfortable these days, I don’t feel squished into them anymore.

8. I miss my walks when I don’t do them for a couple of days. I actually WANT to move!

9. I  am too small for many of my clothes and have found new clothes in my closet that I thought I couldn’t wear again.

But – to keep things in perspective although I am feeling great I know I still have a long way to go. I had my photo taken for a newspaper and although I don’t look horrible in it, it gave me an accurate view of myself and my body. I am on my way, but not anywhere near a healthy weight yet.


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