Measurements · Weight Loss

Measurements: December

Here are my measurements for the beginning of December. Losses are since November 6th. Slowly the inches are coming down, I just wish my calves would shrink – I’d love to be able to wear boots this winter.

Upper arm: 38.5cm or 15″ (Lost: 1 cm or 3/8“)

Bust: 109.5cm or 43″ (Lost: 2cm or 5/8″)

Waist: 106.5cm or 41 3/4″ (Lost: 1cm or 3/8″)

Hips: 119.5cm or 46 3/4″ (Lost: 2cm or 7/8″)

Upper Thigh: 67cm or 26 1/4″ (Lost: 2.5 cm or 7/8″)

Calf: 49.5cm or 19 1/4″ (Lost: 1cm or 3/8″)

Weight: 211.8lbs (Lost: 8lbs)

Dress Size: 16 (Stayed the Same)

Total lost (since September 2010): 36cm or 15 1/2 inches



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