Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 32: Back on Track

I weighed in on Tuesday and was down 2.4lbs! I am back on track from my small gain last week. That makes a total of 42.2lbs lost since May 🙂

I was  bit worried about this week as I’ve been sick and haven’t gotten as much activity in as I usually do – but I also I didn’t eat as much this week either. Still within my points but most of it was in soup form due to my sore throat from all the coughing. My sicklyness is also responsible for my slow update – been a tough couple of days.

The big news is that this is the week that also marks the start of the new PointsPlus Program at Weight Watchers. There’s been a lot of talk, gossip, and complaints about the new program on WW forums, but so far I’m feeling okay with it. The main theme of the new program is a bigger focus on vegetables, fruit, and lean protein and less so on carbohydrates (simple carbs and refined/processed sources like white flour, sugar etc.)

Given my own decision to move away from processed food, I wholeheartedly support this move. I also have been working on limiting my intake of white flour products. This isn’t because I think they are evil or anything like that – in fact I LOVE white bread. Give me a fresh baguette and it’ll be gone within the hour! THAT’s my problem. Once I start with the white bread, I can’t stop. Literally. And so I approach it the only way I can right now – my limiting my intake and only buying small portions so I don’t overeat.

On the new program fruits and vegetables are now “free” which means you don’t have to account for the calories consumed. I’ve heard a lot of talk of people excited that they can now eat bananas again (which used to be 2 points), but I don’t understand that – I love bananas and I eat one each day and always account for it in my daily points.  Also, bread and white flour products are now worth a lot more points as are some sources of lean protein (including legumes).

The goal is to get you to chose healthy options – like a fruit or veggie, instead of 100-calorie packs or low-point, but nutritionally void foods. I really support this idea. I wonder how it will all work out with our daily and weekly points targets being much higher then before (mine when up 4 points and our weekly points went up by 14!) given that we are now no longer counting fruit as points. I’m not totally sold the on math right now, but we’ll see how this week goes. Yesterday I ate under by 2 but today I dipped into my weekly points by 15 because I had dinner out with a friend and ate some lovely pie for dessert. 

We’ll see how things go this week. I just hope I can get more activity in – I’m still sick which has been leaving me fatigued and exhausted so very little working out as well we just got over 25 cm of snow in the last 24 hours which means walking has been next to impossible for the last couple of days! I’ll try to get some photos up for tomorrow – but the snow clearing has already started! Don’t quote me on this, but I’ve heard Montreal has the highest budget in North America for snow removal – well into the millions of dollars. But then again we do have some serious equipment – no pick-up trucks for us! Heavy-duty machinery here that removes the snow and ships it away from the city. Just to give you an idea here’s a photo from the montreal.ctv.ca news website:


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