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Weigh-in Week 33: On a Roll

It would appear I am on a roll. At my weigh-in this week I was down 2.6lbs. That’s a new total of 44.8lbs down 🙂

I did follow the new PointsPlus program at Weight Watchers, but to be honest I tracked my old points alongside the new ones. This just gave me a sense of how much I was eating that I wasn’t getting from the new points.  My biggest concern comes from the fact that since I’ve slowly been making the switch to unprocessed foods and also (because I can’t control myself with it) cutting out white breads the points for most of my regular foods didn’t go up in general. I was concerned that with the fruit being “free” I would be eating too many calories. 

Here’s what ended up happening: I didn’t eat all my daily points most days. Not because I was trying to cut back, but rather because I was full. I refuse to eat more if I don’t feel full just to fill up points. I did, however, go over my daily points and went into my weekly ones on 2 days: one because of a going-away dinner with a friend and the second during an xmas party. I never over ate and was always within my points be it PointsPlus of the old Points. Overall I ate 27 of my weekly points and I ate (on the days I didn’t go over)  on average 27 points per day (I’m allotted 31 per day).  But that said, I didn’t eat particularly differently this week as I have been.  I also got back on track with my exercise and earned 27 activity points! I worked out 5 out of 7 days. I’m happy with myself and I hope to be able to maintain this through the holiday season.

My plan for this week is to stay on track – keep eating the healthy foods I like and in reasonable servings sizes. I have a few xmas parties to attend. My plan is to really think about what I’m putting in my mouth and whether I actually want to eat it or if I’m mindlessly eating because the food is there. I will focus on the people I am with and not the food – because ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

Here’s a photo of my weight loss. It doesn’t make sense (a water jug and butter?!) but that’s okay. It represents 44lbs lost!


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 33: On a Roll

  1. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!
    I have been gaining weight for more than one year now, and I havent found the way to get back my motivation. But to read a story like yours makes me think that it is possible to get my motivation back!!
    Ps. we just met at WW online..

    1. Hi Maria!

      Thanks for coming by my blog 🙂 Yes, it took me sometime to get my motiviation back. When I re-joined WW after gaining the weight back during grad school it took me 3 months before I started losing weight. Something just clicked at that time. I realized I didn’t want to live my life overweight and I could easily keep gaining weight if I didn’t get it under control.

      The big difference is that I’ve decided to approach my relationship to food like an addiction and I have to find tools that will help me cope with food over the long term. I’ve also introduced regular activity in my life since August and it’s the best decision I’ve every made. I even hope to start running once I get under 200lbs (to reduce the strain on my knees).

      I think in regards to motivation you have to tell yourself that you’re worth the effort and that the endgame is more important then immediate gratification. Good luck in your journey as well!

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