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Blackberry App is Out!

The Blackberry PointsPlus App is out! There’s one called PointsPlus Calculator and one called PointsPlus Calculator CA. The CA one is for Canada. Here’s the link to the App World:


I downloaded the CA one and it works great. However it states it’s only available to Weight Watcher’s Online or Etools users. You have to log in once a month with your username and password. I’m a meetings member with the monthly pass (which includes etools) and it lets me log in with my info no problem.

It’s a fairly simple app. You can’t keep track of your points for the day or anything – it’s really just the calculator to figure out the PointsPlus values of food from the nutritional info when on the go (like when you’re in the a grocery store for example). There’s one tab for the PointsPlus Values and one to figure out Activity Points (you can switch between kgs and lbs). Here are a couple screenshots I got from the App World:



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