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Weigh-in Week 34: Down 3.2lbs

I am very pleased with my weigh-in this week; I was down 3.2 lbs! That makes my total weight loss 48lbs so far! December has been an amazing month for both weight loss for me and for keeping my eating under control. Perhaps some of it was due to being sick the first 2 weeks and I just didn’t have that big of an appetite. Now, don’t get me wrong – I still ate,  just not as much. In fact the main difference was really that I didn’t have any cravings. I was hungry, but never experienced that uncontrollable craving for something sweet or bread. This was new to me. I don’t know if it’s because I was sick or if it was because I’ve cut back on my consumption of both sweets and breads – maybe I’m just losing my cravings for these foods? Huh. I don’t know the answer to that one. 

However, I am very proud of myself – I have been baking xmas cookies all week. My roommate and I had an xmas party on Saturday night and I counted 10 varieties of cookies! But why am I proud? Not the baking, but rather the fact that over the week I only ate 3 cookies. That’s right – only 3! No sampling of the dough, no “oh this one is mis-shapen, I’ll just eat it”. Nope. None of that. I have also been actively giving cookies away as gifts so that there is not a big tin of them at home that I’ll be tempted to eat.

This weekend I also had an xmas dinner to attend on Friday night. It was a big turkey dinner with tons of food. It was delicious!  I made a point to take smaller servings and fill my plate with loads of yummy kale salad. I ended up taking seconds, but only of the salad and a mini-piece of the spinach quiche. It was followed by home-made pumpkin pie! I had a slice WITH whipped cream and a second half-piece. I only ate until I was satisfied – not full or stuffed. And you know what!? I enjoyed myself just as much! It was the people I was with that was most important. I used to always end up overeating at these types of dinners, but I found that it was even more enjoyable this way. I left content, not stuffed and feeling gross. You know what – that food will always be there. I don’t need to eat 4 helpings of turkey – I can always have turkey another day. The food isn’t going to disappear. This may seem obvious, but it’s a lesson I need to learn.

I also made a point of exercising this week. I earned 31 activity points and worked out 5 days out of 7. This is definitely contributing to my weight loss. Not only that, but I can both see and feel my body changing: I feel muscles emerging, my clavicles are becoming even more prominent, and even my hip bones are begining to make themselves known.

My plan for this coming week is to stay on target. At xmas dinner I will eat smaller portions. I will only eat what I like, not what I think I should eat. I will exercise at least 5/7 days. I will stay within my points for the week. This is my plan. I will still enjoy myself, but without gorging myself. 

Here’s my requisite photo of my weight loss. 48 lbs of water and butter:


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