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Weigh-in Week 35: 50lbs Lost!!

WOOHOO!!! I was down 2.4lbs at weigh-in today and I have officially lost 50.4lbs!! I am so excited! I got my 50lbs keychain charm today from the WW leader 🙂 however there were only 4 people at the meeting today.  It is the week after xmas so what did I expect! My leader said she would re-announce it next week if there were more people.

I am on cloud nine! I can’t believe I lost over xmas week – I guess my strategy did work!! And I did manage to exercise yesterday at my brother’s – a half hour on a recumbent bike.

Here’s a photo of my new charm, my other charms, and my stickers marking my 50lbs lost. I ask for stickers both in my PointsPlus book and in my weigh-in booklet. I am such a sucker for those stickers. Seriously.

The most important issue now is…HOW AM I GOING TO REWARD MYSELF?! 😀 I have no idea. I didn’t make a specific plan. I bought those cute bras for my 25lbs. I’ll have to think of something this week!

Here is also my photo of weight lost. A full jug of water and a 10lbs bag of potatoes. THAT’S what I’ve been carrying around with me.


I never want to go back to that. I never want to carry around that kind of extra weight again. I feel amazing lately. This worries me a bit to be honest – because I’m worried that it will derail me and my efforts. I’m worried that I’ll start thinking – “hey, this is great, I’m healthy, I’m good. I don’t need to keep going.” If this happens I KNOW that I will not just stop losing weight, but that I will gain it back.  I know I need to address this issue as it will not just go away when I reach my goal weight and start maintenance.  If I don’t look really deeply at what causes me to gain the weight, I will never be able to maintain my weight loss. To be honest I don’t have the answer to this one yet. This is something I started when I recommitted to weight loss in August and something I continue to explore.


4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 35: 50lbs Lost!!

  1. That is so awesome! That picture really puts things in to perspective! I totally have the same fears that you have about becoming complacent. It scares the crap out of me. But, like you, I don’t want to feel miserable like I used to when I was big and that’s what drives me to keep my head down and keep on chugging. Keep it up! You’re doing great!

    1. I really like putting those photos up. Can you imagine – not that long ago both of us were walking around carring the equivalent of a full 5-gallon water cooler jug and a 10lb bag of potatoes!

      Keep up the great work and all the best in 2011! 🙂

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