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Out with the Old

Just before xmas I tried on a pair of size 14 jeans and found not only that they fit, but they fit well enough to now wear comfortably and out in public! I decided that this was a great time to go through my closet and get rid of clothes that are too big to wear.

I have no desire to keep any too-big clothes as I believe it will just give me permission to re-gain the weight. I did, however, keep all my small clothes from when I first lost the weight. It’s been great re-discovering them; I found so many pairs of pants and shirts which I haven’t worn in about 3-4 years.

I threw out clothes that were in bad condition that should not be donated and packed up the rest to either be donated to a women’s shelter or will go to a clothing swap at some point. The bag currently sits in my closet, but it’s nice to have freed up the hangers! Here’s the bag o’clothes:

There’s many, many pairs of pants in there ranging from size 20 capris from the summer to size 16 dress pants, a skirt I wore to a wedding 2 years ago that is way too big now, and a few shirts worthy of donating.  I kept a couple pairs of size 16 jeans as with a belt they’re not too bad – except when I sit and they bunch up in the crotch. I figure they should be good for at least the next month or two depending on my progress.

I also found a couple pairs of nice black dress pants I’d been hiding which was super exciting. I just bought a new pair from Reitman’s – which now I will return to save on the money. I probably should have done the closet clean up first. I don’t want to waste money on pants that I won’t be able wear nicely in 2 months. Not worth it at this point.

So that’s where I’m at – into the new year with (somewhat) new clothes. Feels great. Here’s hoping to another big clean-up before the summer!


2 thoughts on “Out with the Old

  1. I love that! Every few months I have a massive wardbrobe clean out too.. why hang onto things that are too big, you never want to go back to that size again! I then give the bag to charity, and treat myself to a few correct sized items. Betty x

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