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Weigh-in Week 36: Stayed the Same

Weighed in this week and I stayed the same. Not even a 0.2lb up or down. I am still at 201.2lbs with a total of 50.4lbs lost. To be honest, I’m a touch disappointed (mainly because I got in 37 activity points) but to be COMPLETELY honest I’m not surprised.

Here are things I have learned this week (and thus things that contributed to my staying at the same weight with no loss):

1. I love champagne. I will drink glasses and glasses of it and only track about half of what I consumed.

2. Although I can control myself at a sit down dinner (e.g. xmas) I still have trouble with appetizers. I cannot accurately judge how much I’ve eaten and tend to overeat. One will lead to a second and a third etc. This was evident at New Year’s Eve. I went to a small gathering with some friends and this is exactly what happened. I tried to track all I ate, but I’m sure I underestimated.

3. I still cannot buy coconut pastries and eat them moderately.  I went to Chinatown this week and bought some coconut bread. Now this should have been prefaced with the fact that I LOVE coconut. I love it! I would do almost anything for coconut! I ate about half of the loaf on the first day, and I’m happy to report I didn’t eat the rest until 2 days later. Half a year ago I would have inhaled the whole thing the minute I walked in the door, so at least that’s something.  But still, I ate the whole loaf! I wish I hadn’t bought it to be honest, but something convinced me that I’d be okay and I could do it. Clearly I wasn’t. I tried to track as well, but I’m positive I underestimated the points!

As long as I learn from this week then I’m making progress. I still have trouble with portion control. So this week I have already portioned out my lunches and dinners (as I’ll be out all week and on the go) and I’ll be getting back on track with portion sizes.

Oh – I took my measurements this week, but I’ve decided to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them so I will post later this week!


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 36: Stayed the Same

  1. Look at it this way, to get through the holidays with no gain is a blessing in itself! I managed to pack on 10 lbs which I am not trying to re-lose. You’re ahead of the game! Good going.

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