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Running: The Jiggle Effect

Some of you may remember that two weeks ago I wrote of my desire to start running. If not, you can read about it here.  Well, I have kept true to my pact with myself and have been going to the gym twice a week and working out on the treadmill. I work out for 35 minutes at a time (30mins plus a 5min cool down). Up until this week I have just been walking and gently increasing the incline. I managed to work my way up to 10% incline walking at a speed of 5.4 mph.

The walking is great, but I really wanted to run. Not a full out run, but just test it out. But I was afraid. I was very self-conscious about the jiggle effect. First thing I did was invest a good sports bra. Nothing is worth damaging my breast tissue with the constant bouncing that can happen with a regular bra. I ended up getting a Shock Absorber bra made especially for running. It helps contain the breasts not only when they are moving up and down but also side to side when running (a figure 8 pattern). They have a great simulator on their website here that shows the movement and how their bras help. I got mine at The Bay about a week ago. They are not cheap. I got it when they were on sale and because I had a gift card from xmas. Here’s  a couple pics:

I’ve worn it a couple of times and it’s been great! Really good support and I would recommend the brand so far. It has two clasps in the back and the upper one is super easy to reach which is fantastic.  Jiggle-effect minimized!

The second jiggle effect has been my thighs and butt.  I’ll share something with you: my fear of this part of my body jiggling has been keeping me back from running. I was petrified to even jog slightly so I spent my first two weeks just walking. I could walk as fast as 6.2mph (which is a 30-minute 5k), but I wouldn’t even jog slightly. One of my feet always kept contact with the treadmill.

I don’t know why, but I finally took the plunge this past Tuesday.  It took all my resolve (as well as my ability to pretend that all the other people working out behind me were not there).  Now, it didn’t happen right away. I mentioned that I walk for 35 minutes – well it took me 22 minutes to gather enough courage to run. And let me tell you – it did jiggle! I was super self-conscious at first but then I kind of forgot about it. It wasn’t as horrific as I thought it would be…it wasn’t too bad at all. And suddenly I put my big girl panties on and thought to myself – who cares what people behind me think! It felt like such a mental break-through!

I ended up alternating between jogging (at a rate of 7.0mph) for 60 seconds and brisk walking (at a rate of 6.5mph) for the remaining 8 minutes and then during my cool down I decided to jog at a rate of 6.2mph. I was able to jog for 4 minutes straight!!! Woohoo! I NEVER thought I could do that. I know I have a long way to go to meet my goal of running a 5k, but what a feeling. It completely motivated me and made me feel like it IS possible.

I went back to the gym today and tried my hand at jogging/brisk walking again. This time it only took me 15 minutes to work up the courage again to jog. I will work on decreasing my warm-up time to only a 5 minute walk. I’m doing a modified version of the Couch to 5K program – taking it a bit slower as I let my body get used to the new activity. 

It’s been a great week workout wise so far, but boy am I looking forward to my day off tomorrow! Friday night this weekend will be for curling up on the couch and watching movies. Yup. Relaxing and unwinding is what this weekend is all about 🙂


3 thoughts on “Running: The Jiggle Effect

  1. Thank you for subscribing to my blog! I’m also glad to hear you started C25K 🙂 That is how I started running almost 2 years ago!

    If you have any questions about running, just send them my way! Looking forward to reading your blog 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming by!

      I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions as I start to get more into it. The Couch to 5K seems really reasonable to me – I was worried at first, but it’s not too bad! 🙂

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