Weight Loss

Mini Goal #3

I’ve decided on my next mini goal. Reaching my 75lbs lost milestone would be a good one, but I like to create a different one since the 75 will be a WW milestone. 

I’ve chosen reaching a BMI of 29.9 as my third mini goal. This will officially put me in the overweight catagory rather than obese (woohoo!!). My corresponding weight would be 174.4lbs.

Back in May when I started this journey my BMI was a whopping 43.2 which put me in the obese III category. This is the highest level! With my weight loss so far I’ve brought it down to a 34.2 – in obese I category. This feels like an amazing accomplishment.

Last time I lost the weight I never got down to a BMI below 30 or to 174.4 – it will be the lowest I’ll have ever weighed in my adult life.  Phew, that’ll be a tough one to process mentally, but I’m up for the challenge.

Now, I know there are pros and cons to using BMI as a scale of health – but let’s be honest – I am not under 18 or over 65, I am not pregnant/nursing, and I am not an athlete so this range is something I can use as a guide for a healthy weight for me. I’m using the one on the Health Canada website which you can find here.

Because of my starting weight my 75lb milestone (at 176.2) and my 29.9 BMI (at 174.4) are not that far off from each other – but that’s okay for me. I have something to strive for and ~25lb increments seem to work so far. Perhaps after this I’ll re-evaluate and focus on 10lb increments as I know it gets tougher the less you have to lose.

Okay, so here I begin to lose another 25lbs to get to my next goal!


4 thoughts on “Mini Goal #3

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Yes, I am rewarding myself! I got a cute set of bras for my 25lbs lost and Lady Gaga concert tickets for getting under 200! I still need to think of a reward for 50lbs lost though.

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