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Weigh-in Week 39: Damn You Metric/Imperial!

Alright this post is going to be a bit of weight loss and a bit of a running update. (Really they go hand-in-hand, don’t they?). At today’s weigh in I was down 1.8lbs! That brings my total weight loss to 56.8lbs and I am currently at 194.8lbs (yay for staying in the 100s :))

I created a new photo, but it’s more of the same with the water cooler jug, potatoes, and butter. Still, I like to think of what it would be like to carry that around with me now.  What would my day-to-day life be like with that weight? Oh how soon we forget. (Although I can tell you I’d be alot warmer right now!!   minus 20…pfft!)

This wasn’t a bad week food wise, but it was a horrible week for my sinuses. I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday doing absolutely nothing – cancelled all my plans and “got better” i.e. lay around watching tv and movies (couldn’t read because I couldn’t focus) and hoping my head wasn’t going to explode from the pressure. I still managed to get in 4 days of workouts – my two regular gym-dates and two workouts at home. I will get more activity in this week as I am feeling much better – so no excuses and no reason to just lounge about doing nothing.

Here is the running update part. Oh what a cruel mistress the metric system is! I realized this evening while at the gym that my treadmill was set for metric, not imperial as I had (incorrectly) assumed!! The HORROR!! Okay, not really but it sucks. Although, honestly it makes A LOT more sense now – how could I have been that good so early on?

Here’s the update: I have been walking/jogging at 6.3km/h and 7km/h not mph. Sigh. It almost hurts to write that. That means I’ve been walk/jogging about 3 and half kilometres in 35 mins – not the 5k (3.1 miles) I thought.

This doesn’t negate the progress I’ve made at all – but it does make me have to work harder. I was starting to think – “wow this is easy, soon I’ll be running the whole thing in less than 30, why do people make a big deal about this?” Now I know why people are making a big deal. Because it is!!

I’m still following the Couch to 5k program so no harm done there – but now I know that I need start pushing myself even more each time.

Today’s session at the gym wasn’t the greatest – mostly due to my treadmill mix up. I realized my mistake when I got on a treadmill that was set in imperial and I was wondering why I couldn’t walk like I usually do at a speed of 5.5 during my warm up.  It messed up the warm up and the rest of my run took a lot more energy than usual, I also wasn’t drinking enough water. I realized I can’t miss a proper warm up and I have to stay hydrated (I sweat buckets!). Even with all that I did 3.85km in 35 minutes doing the 60 seconds jogging/90 seconds walking intervals. Thursday I bump it up to 90/120.  Here’s to increasing endurance!


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