Fab-u-less in February

The year seems to be going by so quickly! January is already over which means January’s WW forum challenge is now over too. It seems I have a bunch more new readers this month – HELLO!!! Don’t be shy and say hi!  So let me explain: on the WeightWatchers.ca forums I take part in a monthly challenges to help keep me motivated in my weight loss and in keeping up my activity.  Each month we come up with a snappy name (like January Jumpstart or Fab-u-less in February!) and everyone has a personal weight loss and activity goal for the month.

For January Jumpstart my goals were to lose 8lbs and do 1200 minutes of activity. Here’s the update: I didn’t quite make my weight loss goal – I only lost 6.4lbs. This was mostly due to my STS the first week of January. I did however, surpass (just barely) my activity goals by getting in 1235 minutes of activity! Yay! Here is my January Activity Spreadsheet. Click on it to see a larger image:

And now February is upon us and the new challenge, as I mentioned above, is called Fab-u-less in February! My goals are the same: lose 8lbs and do a minimum of 1200 minutes of activity. I am already down 2lbs from yesterday’s weigh-in and did 75 minutes last night at they gym 🙂

You can aways follow my challenge progress on my Challenges page as I only do a blog post update about it once a month. For those who haven’t poked around my blog you can also follow my losses (or gains) week by week on my Timeline page. 


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