Weight Loss

Progress Photos

AACK!!! Okay. I’ve done it. I’ve put up some progress photos.

Now, be forewarned I’ve added a sexy black bar over my eyes or “conveniently” cropped the photos. That’s where I’m at.

This isn’t because I am ashamed or anything like that, it’s the same reason I don’t include my name on here – it has to do with my work. I prefer to leave it so that when people google me all the links are about my work. My work is about self-promotion so I have to be out there and I’d rather have it so my worlds don’t collide.

I haven’t been taking regular progress shots in the same pose, in the same clothing so use your imagination! But perhaps I will from now on. The last set is (201lbs) is from the gym at the beginning of the month. Pehaps I’ll continue this in 10lb increments. It would be nice to have a photo journey.


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