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Weigh-in Week 41: 60lbs lost!

Oh yay! I weighed-in today and was down 1.8lbs which brings my total weight loss to 60.6lbs! My weight is now 191.0lbs.

This was an okay week, but to be honest I was worried. My last post touched on some things that happened last week and the fallout continued on through this week. It left me eating out and on the run more often than usual. I also had events almost every night to attend so that messed up my workout schedule. I still managed to get in two gym dates and workout to my videos at home twice. Not the five times a week I was hoping for, but four is good.

I also had a bit of a food breakdown this week – a mini-binge of sorts where one night after coming home from an event I ended up eating inhaling 4 tortillas with jam. I didn’t even taste them. I’m not sure why I ended up out of control: I have to figure that out still. I’m not sure if it was left over tension of the week’s events or what.

I feel like I’m back in control this week so far even though I haven’t had time to make my lunch for the past couple of days – I need to get on that so I don’t let things spiral out of control. I’m back on track at the gym as well – I’m starting week three of the C25K program so that means I’m alternating 90sec walking/90sec jogging/3min walking/3min jogging. It’s not too bad so far – but the last couple of times my feet have been really hurting me – I’m not sure what that’s all about. The first time I tied my laces too tight, but today my feet also hurt. I wonder if it’s psychological  – i.e. I need to change my focus while running or is something wrong? Do I need to get insoles for my shoes? Is it that they’re not absorbing as much shock as they should be? Any advice is more than welcome!

Here’s a photo of my weight loss. Basically if I packed a full jug of water in a backpack and held one 10lbs bag of potatoes in each hand and walked around with it – THAT would be my starting weight back in May!  I’ve also added a new photo to my progress photos from today at the gym.


4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 41: 60lbs lost!

  1. Yeah, I think we’ve all had a few binges/stumbles. No worries – sounds like you’re already past it and back on track.

    As for your sore feet, did you get fitted for your shoes at a running store/are they the right type for you? How old are they? What kind of socks are you wearing? Socks are a big thing for me. Hopefully you’re not wearing cotton, and maybe some nice cushiony ones? I’m certainly no expert, so there could certainly be other reasons. You could also check out Runner’s World and do a search and see if there’s any other info.

    And, finally, congrats on hitting 60! Your commitment has been amazing to read about.

    1. Thanks! It’s been pretty steady so far and I’m quite pleased with my efforts – it’s not always easy.

      Yes, I did get fitted – they’re New Balance shoes and I just got them after xmas so still pretty new, worn about 2-3 times a week. But wait – there are SPECIAL SOCKS?! Who knew! Apparently not me! I am indeed wearing regular old cotton socks. Perhaps I’ll look into that. And thank you for the Runner’s World website – it’s a great resource! Thanks! 🙂

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