Measurements: February

I’m a bit late, but here are my February measurements. I took them on Tuesday morning.  Click on it to see a larger image.

The results are not too bad. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that my bust is barely going down – but I would love to wear a slightly smaller bra (in the ribcage, not the cup size!).  Also, my thighs haven’t gone down – ah well. Soon I hope.

The exciting news is my CALVES! Woohoo!! They went down 3/8ths of an inch! Ihave gigantic calves and have never been able to wear boots that go up to the knee and if I have any boots that go over the ankle they have to be lace-ups. Sigh. I can only hope that eventually I will be able to wear boots.  A girl can dream can’t she!

Worked out on the treadmill again this evening. The update on the feet situation is that they didn’t hurt nearly as much as before – but I also made a point of not lacing them up as tight. I still think I’m going to swing by The Running Room this weekend to look into proper socks and possibly insoles. I think that might help as I think the discomfort I’m feeling has to do with shock absorption – I tend to put a lot of pressure the balls of my feet and I can already see the shoes wearing down slightly.


5 thoughts on “Measurements: February

  1. Measurements look incouraging! It’s all going down – congrats! Calves are a problem for me too, seems like the flab won’t ever shift from that area! Keep up the good work. Betty xxx

  2. Love your site! I have been keeping a WW blog myself and always love ready others journeys. I love the pictures you post with the butter/potatoes/water to show your loss and am very curious if there is a website you find those on? I would LOVE to do the same thing 🙂

    1. Thanks so much 🙂

      For those photos I just found them individually online and then I edit them in photoshop and save as a small jpg.

      Thanks for the link to your blog! I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂

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