Weight Loss

Charting My Weight Loss

I like to keep track of my weight loss efforts in a variety of ways:

1. Monthly, I take my measurements.

2. I also keep track of all my exercise/activity per month.

3. I track everything I eat (as is required by WW) each meal, each day.

4. And lastly, I also keep a graph of my weight loss each week.

Here is my weight loss journey over all of 2010. As you can see it took me the better part of the year to really commit and do something about my weight loss. I went up and down the same 10lbs from January-May – not really trying to lose weight, yet at the same time hoping I would.  Yeah…that doesn’t work just in case you were wondering. 

Looking at the year as a whole (or at least the latter half of the year) my weight loss appears pretty steady despite any minor gains or setbacks. I find keeping track this way is a great motivator andI’m very pleased that 2011’s graph starts at 200 and doesn’t have to go up all the way to 280!!



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