Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 43: 0.4lb Gain

Oh. Blargh!! I was up 0.4lbs today at weigh-in. New weight is 191.2lbs with a total loss of 60.4lbs.

I’m not surprised. I was out of town for work and ate out Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and half of Monday. I suppose for that, 0.4 isn’t too bad. The reason I feel like I can’t justify it is that it wasn’t just a matter of larger portions at restaurants that did me in. It was that for the second week in a row I have made poor choices. I’ve had that insatiable feeling almost all February. I could eat constantly. I haven’t had enough water either. Which was silly on my part since Alberta is very dry. My hair and lips are definitely showing the effects after just a weekend.

Clearly the “re-focusing” I decided I would do last week didn’t happen. I need to recommit this week. I need to MEASURE everything. I need to focus on eating VEGETABLES and LEAN PROTEINS. I need to cut down on my bread intake. I know whole grains are needed as part of a balanced diet, but the last couple weeks have been insane – once I start, I can’t stop – so I think the only way to get over these cravings is to limit how much I’m eating for this week.

There is some good news though! The hotel had a small gym and I used the treadmill twice over the weekend! I finished off week 4 from the Couch to 5K program. Tonight I begin week 5. Makes me a bit nervous as the end of this week is running for 20 minutes straight (eek!!). I’m up to running for 5 min continuously so 20 feels like a HUGE jump. But I’ll do my best.

To help me out this week I think I’ll post what I’m eating everyday this week. Just posts with what I’ve eaten, water intake, and activity. This will help me stay accountable this week and hopefully get myself back on track.


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