Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 44: Back on Track!

Yes! I am down 2.6lbs today. I’m now at 188.6lbs with a total loss of 63.0lbs 🙂 This also marks my 25% loss. That’s right. I have officially lost a 25% of my starting weight. I am 3/4ths the woman I used to be!

Posting my food log for a week really helped me get out of the February funk. The accountability was great. I also drank way more water than I had the last couple weeks because I knew I’d be posting it. It was a great motivator. I think with March on its way in and the weather clearing up (soon I hope!) this will continue.  I’m really looking forward to walking everywhere again and also trying out running outside.

Here is a picture of the weight I’ve lost so far :

I wanted to talk about my activity yesterday. It was an amazing day because I did what I didn’t think was possible: I jogged 3.2k – straight-thru, no walking intervals, no breaks!  Woohoo! I was SO nervous about this session (C25K – week 5, session 3). I didn’t think I could make it because it was such a jump from jogging 1.2k. But I did it! It took me longer than the recommended 20 minutes – it actually took me almost 26 minutes. But that’s okay. Speed is not my concern right now – endurance is! I ran at about 7.4 km/h. Onward I go. I’m starting to think with a month and a half still to go to my 5k race I might just make it and I might be able to run the whole way.  I hope I can go outside to try running by the end of the month as I know it’ll be very different from my little treadmill.  

Here’s to another good week!


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