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Weigh-in Week 45: I moved!

My apologies for disappearing all week! But I had a great weigh-in: I was down 1.2lbs. I am now at 187.4lbs and I have lost a total of 64.2lbs 🙂

You might ask – why is this  a great weigh-in? Haven’t I complained in the past about a 1.8 loss? Yes, you would be right, but allow me to explain. This was a great weigh-in because I didn’t track for 4 days (eek!). Now if you’re doing WW I don’t recommend this at all. I didn’t do it on purpose it was because I spent the weekend MOVING!

Yes, that’s right I now have a new place to live. I am VERY excited about this move. I’m no longer with my roommate (who I love and we get along super well – but after 3 years it was time to move on) and on my own in what I like to call a “grown-up” apartment 🙂 And if you recall one of my non-resolutions for this year was to move out. And I’ve done it. I love my new place – a lovely one-bedroom in an amazing part of town.

What ended up happening is that from Friday to Monday I spent the time packing, moving, setting up appliances and furniture, arranging, and some unpacking. I ate when I was hungry but careful not to over-eat. I didn’t get in any activity – unless you count moving, but I did have many friends helping me so it’s not like I was running up and down stairs myself. Well that’s where the great loss comes in: I was able to still lose even though I didn’t track for the majority of the week!

Don’t worry – I’m not planning on making this a habit. Rather I am pleased with myself that left to my own devices I was still able to make good choices and lose.

Otherwise running is going well. I just finished Week 6, Workout 2. It was my last interval run. From this point on it’s all endurance baby! Next run (Thursday) is 3.6km. I’m nervous, but I think I can do it.

I know I’m behind in posting my February exercise log and my measurements for March – I promise to get to that this week. Off I go to unpack – I made a pathway through the boxes to find my way to the desk with my laptop…perhaps that a sign I should actually unpack those boxes.

 Have a great week everyone! 🙂


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