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March Meltdown

February was not a great month for weight loss or activity. I only lost 3.6lbs and just barely squeezed in my 1200 minutes by only getting in 1215 minutes. Le sigh. I’m hoping March will be a better month. I’ve already lost 3.8lbs beating my February total and there’s still 3 weigh-ins to go! 😀 

Here is my February exercise log. Click on it to see a bigger picture. You’ll notice that I stopped doing my Walk Away the Pounds videos around the middle of the month. I think I need to get back on track with that – walking is well and good, but I really feel great on the weekends when I can start each day off with a  good video.

I’ve joined another challenge on the ww.ca forums. This one is called March Meltdown and I’ll keep updating my numbers on my Challenges page. My goals for this month are once again to lose 8lbs (which this time I think is very do-able, especially because there are 5 Tuesdays) and to get in 1200 minutes.

Because  I moved I’ll have to be more clever when it comes to getting in my activity. My old apartment was a good 45-60 minute walk over the mountain from work, however my new apartment is only a 20-25 minute walk. This is not long enough for me to count as activity (I only count walks 45 minutes or longer). That’s okay because the good news is that I don’t have to purchase a monthly metro/bus pass anymore! Woohoo for saving money.

I’m off to a slow start for the March Meltdown because of my move – I spent nights packing and moving and setting up that I haven’t been able to get extra activity in. I’m confident I’ll be able to turn this around. However my exhaustion from the last week definitely showed itself at the gym today.

I was supposed to run 3.6km straight through with no walking intervals – but I just couldn’t. I had to take two short 1-minute walking breaks. I ended up on a treadmill under a hot light and I was sweating up a storm about 2 minutes into the run. I’m thinking I need to change my gym day from Thursdays to Fridays – I teach on Thursdays and after a full day of work and then teaching I’m just not at my best at the gym. I’m worried this will derail or slow down my progress if I continue on Thursdays.

I know I can run this distance and I need to work towards my 5k. I can do it. I will do it.


6 thoughts on “March Meltdown

  1. A 25 minute walk still counts as exercise 🙂 My workplace is just half hour away, but walking there each morning really adds up. If you want a better workout, why not try putting on some music and walking at a quicker pace to really get the heart pumping.

    Best of luck with your march meltdown, you can do it, you sound determined! 🙂 Betty xxx

    1. Yes it does – but I’m feeling like I should be doing more! I just unpacked my living room this weekend so there’s finally space for me to break out the videos!

      Thanks so much for your support 🙂

    1. Hi Becky,

      I just use an excel spreadsheet I made up. The image above is from it, same with my weight-loss progress. I can post the template if that’s of interest to you.

      1. Oooooh, now I see the spread sheet. That’s awesome. I’m not very computer savvy, if you post the template, is it something I could save to my files and use?

        BTW, I loooove the WATP walking dvds. I am old school and did the vhs tapes in 2002 (with the weighted balls)….wowza, did I firm up my arms. Unfortunatly, my hands can’t hold them for long. I think I have early arthritis in my thumbs (family thing).

        Love your blog!!!

  2. Hi Becky,

    I posted my template in a separate post. Yes, it is an excel file you can download and save to your files and edit/use as you like.

    Yes, I love the WATP videos too – I’ve even downloaded some 4-mile and 5-mile ones which are great. They don’t have any accessories but you jog in the 5 mile one.

    Thanks so much for the compliment! I love writing it 🙂

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