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Measurements: March

Ah yes, I am so behind on these – I blame it all on the move 😉

So I took my measurements and guess what – I’m down 3.75 inches! That’s pretty darn good I say considering I’ve only lost 3.6 lbs since my last measurement taking extravaganza. (No, I’m lying, it’s not an extravaganza, it’s actually quite awkward).

The super exciting thing is that I’ve lost 27.5 inches since I started taking my measurements back at the end of August. It really does help me keep to see how far I’ve come when the mirror isn’t always truthful.

I can stand and look at myself and feel like I haven’t lost a pound one day and the next totally see the changes. Ah, what a funny thing our mind is. I know it takes longer for the brain to catch up with the weight-loss. A good friend of mine remarked how I had changed my body shape – that’s amazing to hear, but I’ll be honest even if I can see the weight-loss I don’t see the body shape change (yet). But I’m working on it! Anyone else have this happen to them? How do you help yourself SEE the changes?


2 thoughts on “Measurements: March

  1. Wow that’s awesome!!! I just took my measurements over the weekend after losing 20 lbs. I wish I would have done it sooner, but I was a lil skeered of the tape measure. LOL

    1. Becky, I completely understand! I didn’t start taking measurements until September at which point I’d already lost almost 20lbs myself. But better late then never!

      Although I don’t have my starting measurements at least I have these. It’s a nice reminder when the scale isn’t moving as quickly as I would like it too (like over February!)

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