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Weigh-in Week 47: Ouch

Ouch is right. I am up 2.4lbs this week. Sigh. The worst part is that I know why and I didn’t do anything to change it. I’m now at 188lbs with a total lost of 63.6lbs.

This is my biggest gain since July 27th, 2010. I cannot let this continue. I don’t know why I’m losing my motivation but I can say that this past week my hunger seemed insatiable. I kept picking at foods and even bought a box of cookies – what was I thinking! I ate it, of course, but at least it was over 2 days, not in one sitting. At least it was a box of Pim’s, not a full size box of cookies. At least.

I worry that I’m starting to slip, that my resolve isn’t as high anymore. I’m getting compliments, which is wonderful, but also messes with my head a bit. I feel great, which is also wonderful, but makes me lazy, like I don’t have to try as hard anymore. That’s a load of bull.

BEING LAZY IS EASY. It’s what I know. I have to change what I know.

I know how good I feel when I’m eating better, when I’m drinking plenty of water, when I’m exercising more. I want to return to that state.

I don’t talk about the topics of the WW meetings, but I found this weeks’ to be very appropriately timed. It was about setbacks and moving forward. My favourite line was Feedback not Failure. And this is true – I have to take this week as FEEDBACK not that I am a failure. I have to learn from it and create a plan that will get me back on track. My leader challenged us to have our best week ever – I am up for that challenge! She also asked us to write down 3 things we do well each day. I’m going to do that here. The accountability really helps me I’ve learned. This week will be hard – I have a new challenge: I overate this week which has opened up my appetite. I have to get that under control and learn to recognize real hunger vs. fake hunger once again.

With that in mind here is why I gained weight this week:

  • I’ve been making excuses to not get in more activity besides just the gym – like my apartment is still disorganized from the move – I don’t have room to do the videos at home, or I’d rather just sleep-in, or just missing one session won’t hurt etc. etc. etc.
  • I’m making excuses that I’m too busy, too stressed out to work out or eat better.
  • I eat and don’t track it – little things like an extra piece of chocolate, or the 4 tortillas I inhaled last night because I was craving bread.
  • My portions are getting larger – I’m not measuring as much as I should be. All this under the guise of “I’m too busy, I’m sure this is xyz”
  • Not drinking enough water – not by a long shot. I’m barely getting in 4 glasses a day this past week.
  • I had sushi one night – but I went all out. Too much food for one person, but I didn’t care.
  • I ate tortillas as snacks left right and centre. Craving bread all week.
  • My hunger was bottomless – snacking, snacking, snacking – grabbing a few crackers at work here and there, some chocolate here and there. It all adds up and I wasn’t keeping track.

Here is what I commit to this week:

  • I will post my food log each day
  • I will post my activity each day
  • I will also post 3 things I did well each day
  • I will schedule my activity for the week and I am not allowed to miss one. I can re-schedule, but I MUST make it up.
  • I will drink 12 glasses of water each day

Here’s my activity schedule:

Tuesday: Run 4k & weight-training (arms)

Wednesday: WATP video in the afternoon – 1h15

Thursday: Run 4k & weight-training (legs)

Friday: WATP video in the morning – 1hr

Saturday: Run 4.5k

Sunday: REST

Monday: WATP video in the morning – 1h15

Have a good week everyone – and join the challenge: write down 3 things you did well each day 🙂


6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 47: Ouch

  1. Ugh I had a gain this week, too….and for many of the same reasons you list. I am just getting started in my journey and have had a nice loss in two months. I must not get complacent. A weekly loss is not a sure thing. I emailed a friend about her WW success yesterday. One thing she told me really rings true “When I eat junk, I feel like junk. Just I can have a cookie for 3 points, but why not enjoy a yogurt and a piece of fruit?” We really have to refocus and continue forward. Only look back long enough to learn from our past.
    We will have a better week this week.

    1. Very true – a weekly loss is not a sure thing. I understand the frustration – we want to lose each week. I keep thinking that I wish I was losing at the pace I was back in NOvember and December – then I’d up up to almost another 30lbs by now instead of 13. But that’s life. The road isn’t always smooth.

      I’m really trying to refocus on the fact I’m changing my habits and my approach to food rather than just trying to lose weight.

      Have a great week ahead also!


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