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Accountable in April & a 5K!

April is among us (but really I couldn’t tell by the weather!) and this means a new exercise challenge for me and the end of March’s. All in all I put in a pretty poor showing at the March challenge  – March Meltdown – with only 7/8 lbs lost and 1150/1200 activity minutes. I’m more upset by not reaching my activity goal than anything else. Mostly because I think it was due to shear and simple laziness on my part. I won’t let April go down the same route.

April’s challenge on the WW forum boards is called Accountable in April. I’ve decided to lower my weight loss goal for the month to 6lbs (rather than 8lbs) but keep my activity the same at 1200 minutes. I think 6 is a more realistic goal for me nowadays. I just can’t assume I’ll lose at least 2lbs a week anymore. I have less to lose compared to a few months ago so I can’t expect to be losing at the same rate and also I get upset at myself when my loss is less than 2 and that’s just ridiculous – I should be celebrating all losses!

So that said, here’s a graph of my March activity. It wasn’t too bad, but I notice that I wasn’t gettin nearly enough in beyond my gym days. That’s something I’d like to work on for April – to get back into the habit of working out more often.

But the super exciting news from the weekend is that I RAN 5K!  That’s right. I have officially finished session 1 of week 9 of the Couch to 5K program 😀

I can’t believe I did it. All the way to the gym yesterday afternoon I kept thinking it wasn’t going to happen – that I wouldn’t be able to finish. But I did! I pushed through and you know what? In the end, it wasn’t that difficult. I had my breathing under control and I focused on pulling power from my quads and hamstrings rather than thinking about my calves or my feet.  Whenever I think about my calves or feet they end up  getting sore and the voice in my head telling me how much easier it would just to stop gets louder.

It took me about 38 minutes to run on a treadmill. Here’s a photo of the machine!

In total it took me 50 minutes (5 minute warm-up and 7 minute cool down) for a total of 6.1K (0.4K during the warm up and 0.7K during the cool down). Oh, don’t worry about the heart-rate – I don’t use it when I run so all the buttons stay lit up.

I am thrilled with myself. I now have 14 days/2 weeks to prepare myself for my race on Sunday April 17. The plan is to finish off the Couch to 5K program by running 2 more times and also to try running outside so I can get a feel for how different it is. This is best motivation ever!


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