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I ran outside!

I did it. I finally got the courage to run outside for the first time. It took me some time in the morning to build myself up but I did it. I so don’t look like a runner, yes I was wearing my exercise pants, but just a regular hoodie and my normal sunglasses. Putting the ipod in helped me drown out the world and the boost I needed to actually do it.

I walked for a few blocks at first – partly to warm up and partly to psych myself up. Then I started. I started fast. Too fast. I was out of breath by half a kilometre. So I slowed down a bit, but not enough. The glorious thing about a treadmill is that it can keep you on pace. I need to learn to pace myself.

Here’s a photo (from Google Street View) of where I started my run near my place. It’s a nice residential city area. The terrain was pretty flat.

It was interesting – all the stuff you have to think about when running outside made it go by a lot faster. Running around kids, stop lights, sunny-side vs. shadow. I barely noticed my music playing.

The sad part about the morning is that I couldn’t do 5K. I ended up doing about 3K. I had planned a 5K route via Map My Run but alas I couldn’t. I had trouble keeping my breathing at a consistent rate and when I got home it took me a while to catch my breath. Yes, running outside is a lot harder. I think it really was that I ran too fast from the get-go. I have to slow down and pace myself. I think it took me around 20 mins. I didn’t take my phone or a stopwatch with me, so I’m estimating based on how long I was out of the house.  Here’s the route from Map My Run I ended up doing. You can see the kilometre markers:

When I planned it out I meant to do another smaller loop inside the bigger loop. I also had to stop about halfway through and get a bottle of water – I didn’t bring mine with me, but I think I’ll have to from now on.  I plan to get in 3 more runs this week before my race and I hope the weather holds out and I can do them outside. I’d really like to be able to complete a 5K outside.

Have a great weekend all! 🙂


8 thoughts on “I ran outside!

  1. Running outside is a lot more fun than on the treadmill and you’re less likely to get bored as you can go any way you want to! I do mine early in the mornings so less people see me (plus I’d be more tempted to skip it if I did in in the afternoon).

    Keep at it! 🙂

  2. Awesome work! I have a really hard time running outside. Even years ago when I was fit (and where I want to be now) I still couldn’t do it. Maybe that’s a good new goal for me. Thanks!
    And I love the area where your course is – it’s been a few years since I was in the city, but those are familiar streets! I miss my visits.

  3. You did great given that it was your first time running outside. It is hard, like you said, not having the treadmill that provides you the pace you need to be at as well as the terrain is rough on your body. I know you will get the hang of it and do well at your race! Congrats!

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