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April Measurements & Progress Photos

Okay, okay, okay. So I FINALLY took my measurements for April. To be honest I’m a little surprised. I thought the numbers would be better and show more of a difference considering it’s been about a month and a half. (click on it to see a larger image)

Now, the reason I thought the numbers would be better is because I FEEL better. My clothes fit better, I went down a dress size to a 12 (woohoo for not being in the teens anymore!!) and in general I feel smaller. Yes, you read that right. I actually have days where I feel smaller. Not small mind you, just smaller.

I still have to say I don’t necessarily see the weight loss yet. I mean I see some changes in my body in the mirror – some days are better than other others – and I see that I have to buy smaller clothes but I don’t have a good time judging clothing. Now clothes have always been a bit of an issue for me. I dress to cover up, I dress to not pull focus or attention. I NEVER wear clothing to show off any part of my body because I didn’t think anyone wanted to see that.

Well the other day I went shopping for a dress with a friend of mine (something I would have never done before! I hated shopping with other people) for an upcoming event. We went to a store I rarely shopped at before – Simon’s.  The clothes are smaller in general and you’d be hard-pressed to find an XL anywhere. I really like the clothes, but usually I could buy only a shirt or sweater here or there, never bottoms or dresses. Well I went with my friend and she picked out a few dresses for me to try on. She picked up a size large! I was skeptical…but they fit. I was floored. Some of the dresses just didn’t look good, but they all fit. I had CHOICE. This is unheard of, usually I just have to take what fits. She also picked up a cute pink cardigan to wear over the dress in a size medium!  I ended up (side note – regular size clothing is a LOT cheaper!) buying the cardigan and a couple of dresses. Here is one of the dresses I bought. The other one is just a black jersey dress which will be nice once it’s a bit warmer out.

The most interesting thing about this whole experience was actually how bad Iwas at jugding what clothes would fit me. I look at the dress and I think there is no way I can get into it. I brought the dresses back to work and a woman I work with told me how when she saw the dress she completely thought the dress would fit. It’s definitely been a learning experience. I’m also noticing that I’m also having trouble with how much room I need to pass by people or squeeze  through doors etc. It would seem my brain has not yet caught up with my body. I’m hoping this will come in time. 

Taking these progress photos in 10lbs intervals this year has really been an eye-opener. I see a difference in the photos I don’t see in real-life. I’ve updated with new ones. Check them out here

I hope everyone has a great long weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “April Measurements & Progress Photos

  1. Looking good I can definitely notice the difference from January to now!!! Your stomach has shrunk!!! Keep doing what you are doing cos it’s working!!!!

  2. That dress is awesome! I am so happy for you, and a bit jealous, that you were in mediums and larges. I can’t wait to shop at regular size stores!

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