Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 55: Hello 170s again!

My plan worked! I am down 2.8lbs this week for a new weight of 177.2lbs and a total of 74.4lbs lost so far 🙂

So what was my plan? Cutting down the nibbling and eating proper meals with healthy snacks in between. Wow, I forgot how much I enjoy proper meals! How much more filling they are.  I did get to the gym on Sunday night as well and had a good long run on the treadmill as well as getting back to my weight-training schedule. I have 2 weeks before I have to go out of town for work so I plan to keep this up until the end of May to help me get back on track.

Update on the race – I haven’t signed up yet. Mostly because I got it in my head to sign up for the 10K instead. But I’m not sure. I really like the idea of pushing myself, but I also get pretty bored with running after about 40 minutes so I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I’m going to mull it over a bit more, but either way I’m either doing the 5K or the 10K!

At today’s meeting we talked about summer. My leader was saying that one could easily gain upwards of 30lbs over the summer if one wasn’t careful. I totally see how this could happen. The summer means BBQs, summer drinks like margaritas and daiquiries, more socializing, iced coffee and ice cream…and humidity (depending where you live!) which makes Montreal unbearable at times and the only thing you can do is sit still in front of fan sipping ice water. It really is the city of extremes. None of that is conducive to working out. Oh and sunburns! Who wants to work out when they have a sunburn?!

I realized that the last time I lost my way with my weight loss was around summer time. I didn’t gain 30lbs, but I can definitely say that I wasn’t as committed because of all those things I’ve listed. This year will be different – I can all ready tell. I will keep at it.

Do you have a plan for dealing with the upcoming summer socializing?


10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 55: Hello 170s again!

  1. Yay! I am so happy for you. Sounds like you got your mojo back.

    For me, it can be summer, winter, spring or fall — I can gain weight in any season. But what I did notice, was the times I have been successful losing weight, was the Spring. So glad I got this (butter)ball rolling in April.

    Keep it up! Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Yes, I agree! I find Spring and Fall to be the best for losing weight so far. I think the most important thing is to keep going and not give ourselves convenient excuses to go back to old habits! 🙂

  2. I knew you could do it! And that’s a fantastic drop!

    I’m scared to think about what this summer will bring. Thanks for the reminder to plan ahead!

  3. I usually make a plan going into an event, deciding what my plate will look like and if I will have dessert, or drinks, or whatever. You get the idea. If I decided to have dessert, then I will often cut back a little on my other starches that day to help balance it out. Usually, if my focus is on weight loss, I just don’t drink. It’s easier that way.

    You might find that people will try to convince you to indulge, because I noticed this last summer at social events. I’ve tried many things when people try to push food on me, like saying that I’m not hungry, just ate, just brushed my teeth, etc. None of those work reliably, but if you tell people you’re “on a diet,” they usually back off. I don’t think of myself as on a diet, but whatever works, right?

    1. That’s great advice about going in with a plan. I like to let myself have a little bit of leeway, but not too much. I, too, tend to avoid drinking, but I’m not a big drinker so it’s not difficult to cut back.

      Thanks so much for the great tips! 🙂

  4. That is amazing! Great job this week! I am so happy for you. Thanks for the advice about gaining in the summer. I need to make sure I am prepared to battle it out the next few months.

  5. Summer sucks for weight loss for me in the past!!! In Australia it gets sooooo damn hot that you just don’t wanna move! I guess working out in the mornings before it heats up is a good plan!! Although I think I normally stack on a few kilos over Winter (which we are coming into now) as there are so many yummy comfort foods!! Planning ahead definitely is the key!!!

    1. You’re right – it’s easy to gain weight no matter the month! Yes. Planning ahead is key. I’m also trying to get better and better at recognizing real hunger vs. boredom or eating out of convenience. That’s also important for me – oh and not giving in to peer pressure!

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