Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 56: 75lbs lost!

Oh yay! I can’t believe it. I weighed in today and was down 2.2lbs for a new weight of 175lbs with a total of 76.6lbs lost so far!

I was NOT expecting this at all. I can usually feel when I’ve lost and today I still felt the same. But lo and behold there was a loss of 2.2lbs!

This means I’ve passed the 75lbs lost milestone at weight watchers and I got a new charm for my keychain. Here’s a pic of my booklet and my charms so far:

I also have my 16 week charm, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  The shiny one is the 75lbs – the others are getting dull from my key chain. My leader also found me an old WW magnet which I am thrilled to have! YIPPEE!!!

I think I’ve passed some sort of a threshold with my weight loss. MANY of my friends and colleagues have been commenting on my loss and paying me compliments. A good friend at work commented how suddenly I’d lost a lot of weight. But I really haven’t. As you all know, it’s actually been a bit slow and frustrating the last couple months. But I think that something has happened with my body – maybe it’s due to weight loss or maybe it’s all the running but it’s definitely changed.

I keep saying “I think” because to be honest I still can’t quite see it. At least not in the mirror. I can feel it when I lie down and feel my sternum and my hip bones, or when I just look at my clavicles, but as far as a whole body change, I don’t see it as much. It’s such a psychoclogical journey I find. I hope my brain will catch up.

What I do know is that I have no summer clothes. Nothing fits anymore. Really it’s a great problem to have, but I’m not looking forward to the cost!!


14 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 56: 75lbs lost!

  1. That is amazing! I am so happy for you. Having to buy new, SMALLER clothes is a great problem to have but I agree it’s an expensive one. You deserve to look your best though, you definitely earned it! Great job!

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Yes, buying smaller clothes is great – but I’ve realized I don’t really know how to shop!! I’m so used to just going to one store and buying what fits!!

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