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Weigh-in Week 57: I completely deserve this gain

Just to set the record straight, I was completely expecting this gain. That’s right, after two large losses I had a gain of 1.1lbs so a new weight of 176.1 and a total loss of 75.5lbs. Well at least I can still say I’ve lost 75lbs. 

Like I said, this was completely expected. This weekend was filled with evenings out with friends and my friend’s birthday extravaganza which did indeed last all weekend! I didn’t track for 2 days because I just didn’t know what I’d eaten. Full meals went out the window and it was all snacking and nibbling. There was champagne all around and we all enjoyed ourselves. A LOT. So you know what? I’m actually not upset by the gain. I accepted it before weigh-in because I figured it would happen. My only hope was that I would still be at 75lbs lost and I am.

So how did I spend my weekend?? Well my Saturday was spent in a photo studio! That’s right. My friend, for her 30th, booked the studio at a well- known photographer in the city who specializes in intimate portraiture and burlesque photography! Oh my! That’s right ladies and gentlemen – I got dressed up in lingerie this weekend and let someone take pictures of me. Now, I probably won’t be putting these photos p here, but you can check out Andrea Hausmann’s work  HERE! It’s a feast for the eyes!

I had a bit of a breakdown at the start of the session though. It wasn’t the idea of being photographed or about not looking good, but rather it was staring at all the clothes I had to choose from. I had a moment where I realized I have no idea what fits my new body or what looks good on me. I was overwhelmed by the thought. Everything came flooding into my head – why had I let myself get to that point? How could I be at a place where I don’t recognize my body? I felt like a child who doesn’t know how to dress themselves…it was not a good experience.

I’m leaving for work travel tomorrow so I may not be around too much – well, I guess I haven’t been around much this month. I will try to post over the weekend my exercise log for May and my measurements (I’m going to get back to the monthly measurements) and then again for next Tuesday.

The weather here has been amazing – I hope everyone is having great weather and enjoying it!




8 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 57: I completely deserve this gain

  1. You’re going to take that weight off no problem. And you’re right, you’ve still lost SEVENTY FIVE pounds. Good for you! I hope the photo shoot turned out all right after all. That is one of my “rewards” once I reach my goal as well.

  2. You are exactly right- you shouldn’t be bothered by the gain. There are times in our lives where it is far better to indulge a little and celebrate than to deprive yourself of the experience. You lived it up! You deserve that. Those 1.1 lbs will be gone in no time but the memories will stay forever. Good for you! Safe travels 🙂

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